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Emme James lives in darkness. 

Ever since her abusive relationship ended in heartbreaking tragedy, she's kept herself secluded to protect herself and those she loves. Unfortunately, Emme's plans to remain unattached fall apart the moment Zane Cunningham sets his sights on her. 

A professional snowboarder at the top of his game, Zane does not need a distraction. But when Emme walks into his life, he can't fight the pull he feels toward her and will take her any way he can get her. 

Emme struggles to resist Zane's persistent efforts to turn their friendship into something more. Having lived a charmed life, Zane is devastated when he learns the truth about the tragic incident in her past. Realizing the ugliness in her life hasn't deterred Zane, Emme finally gives into the attraction between them. 

Just as Zane brings light and laughter into Emme's life, her trouble finally catches up to her and threatens her newfound happiness. Zane promises he'll keep her safe, no matter the cost. 

Because he knows that if he can't, Emme may be lost in darkness forever.