Nikki Drake was just a little girl when she experienced her first heartbreak. Many years and several betrayals later, she's learned that life is what you make of it. While her past hasn't stopped her from working hard and becoming a confident and successful woman, it has affected one small part of her. 

Nikki refuses to give her heart to anyone ever again. 

Luke Townsend is a man most women dream about. Underneath his tall, handsome exterior, he's charming, compassionate, sensitive, and loyal. A dedicated snowboarder, Luke knows what it means to work hard for what he wants. And what Luke wants is Nikki. 

Luke tells Nikki he's fallen in love with her. Having resolved to live a life without romantic love, Nikki rejects him. Luke walks away, vowing to find a way to win her heart. When she decides to take a chance on Luke, he is patient and understanding while she struggles to find the courage to trust he won't hurt her. 

But once Nikki finally hands her heart over to him, Luke shatters her world with the truth.