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Charley Meadows has lost nearly everything she loves. 

Coming face-to-face with adversity more times than she cares to admit, she moves from the place she's always called home. Determined to move past the events that shattered her world, Charley abandons her true calling in life and replaces it with exhausting days of mindless, unfulfilling work. 

But she never expected to have her newfound peace disrupted by Wes Blackman. 

Wes is a hometown hero. Snowboarder extraordinaire turned business owner, Wes' focus is on making Blackman Boards the industry leader in snowboard production. Sadly, running a successful business has prevented him from keeping up with his passion for riding. But with his company set to launch a new series of boards, Wes finds himself back on the mountain. 

What he hadn't expected to find was a mysterious girl with a battered heart. 

Charley is afraid to take a risk, knowing where it could lead. However, Wes is irresistibly charming. If she opens her heart to vulnerability, she's worried tragedy may strike again. 

Wes wants the opportunity to prove that no matter what happens, he'll always be there to pick up the pieces.