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When starry-eyed dancer, Monroe Archer, meets professional snowboarder Xander Stone, she believes she's found the man of her dreams. Searching for her fairytale romance since she was a little girl, Monroe uproots her life and goes after what she wants.

Stone is a grief-stricken man. At a young age, he learned that forever doesn't exist. Ever since, he's been a tortured soul, living his life devoid of any new personal attachments. 

Not long after Monroe moves to town, she's shocked to discover that despite their attraction, Stone is unwilling to offer anything more than just friendship. Just as Monroe tries to move on, Stone realizes his attraction to her isn't something he can so easily deny. Powerless to resist her any longer, Stone starts something with Monroe knowing he is incapable of giving her forever. 

With her sweet and charming disposition, Monroe sets out to heal the wounds left on the heart of the man she loves. But it isn't long before Monroe realizes that sometimes those that love you most are the ones that hurt you the worst.