Elizabeth 'Elle' Blackman never expected the balance of her carefree life to be disrupted. Discovering that someone has been in her apartment just days before she is set to go on tour, Elle makes the only sensible choice there is. 


Right to the front door of Cunningham Security, where the owner is not only the man that is capable of keeping her safe, but also the guy she's been attracted to for months.

The downside? He refuses to pursue a relationship with her.

When Elle arrives at the doorstep of his firm, terrified for her safety and asking for help, Levi Cunningham's protective instincts kick in. Less than twenty-four hours into it, Levi can't fight the attraction he's had toward Elle for the last few months. 

As Levi and his team work to solve Elle's case, the relationship between them quickly goes from strictly business to deeply personal. Will Elle's stalker succeed in destroying the beloved singer's career and newfound romance? Or will her stalker's efforts to bring her down only propel Elle to success in both her professional and personal life?